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Dec 1st, 2007
Wanderers movie Ducky Boy - Mark Lesly

Nov 12th, 2007
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Nov 4th, 2007
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Oct 14th, 2007
Boston w/ Ducky friends and Mark Lind of the Ducky Boys band

Jan 19th, 2007
Two Ducky Boys in a Ducky House

Dec 20th, 2006
Black 47, Pat St. John, & Chess Sets

Oct 28th, 2006
The Warriors vs The Wanderers

Oct 21st, 2006
Ducky reunion 2006

Sept 30th, 2006
Ducky Slingshot Victims - Lou & Kevin

Aug 22nd, 2006
Author Gary Weiss

Aug 19th, 2006
Konrad Sheehan at Van Courtlandt Park

June 12th, 2006
Two Ducky Girls in Florida

May 27th, 2006
Down the Ducky with some Duckies

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Bronx Gangs Documentary Diary

August 22nd, 2006 entry - Author Gary Weiss

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Gary Weiss
Gary Weiss

Scored an interview with author Gary Weiss today. While Gary was not a Ducky Boy, he does remember them - especially since his 5th grade class at PS 46 was sent home early one day due to an invasion by the Ducky Boys. The interview was quite informative and led to some Ducky angles that I hadn't yet considered.

Gary's interview was also great considering I picked a bad location for it.. We were on the upper walkway of the 39th Street Ferry terminal and in addition to the ship horns and announcements that would intermittently interrupt us, there was the constant roar of helicopters going to the nearby heliport on 34th Street.. I've gotta give Gary credit for maintaining his cool, and keeping his momentum after getting interrupted a few times. It's not as easy as it looks and Gary was a true professional, so I would like to thank him for everything!

According to his bio:

"Gary Weiss is an investigative reporter and author. He grew up in the Bronx and graduated from City College and the Medill School of Journalism. For many years he was a writer at Business Week magazine, where he wrote many cover stories exposing fraud and corruption on Wall Street, including Mafia infiltration of brokerages. He is the author of Born to Steal (Warner Books: 2003) and Wall Street Versus America, which was published by Penguin this year. He is a founding member of Project Klebnikov, a consortium of investigative journalists investigating the death in Moscow of Paul Klebnikov of Forbes magazine."

Gary's website is

2560 US Hway 22, PMB 156
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

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