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Dec 1st, 2007
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June 12th, 2006
Two Ducky Girls in Florida

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Bronx Gangs Documentary Diary

June 12th 2006 entry - Two Ducky Girls in Florida

The planets aligned and an opportunity presented itself that I could not let slip away. One of my favorite Ducky Gang contacts from New Mexico went to visit another of my favorite Ducky Gang contacts in Florida for a vacation trip. The lightbulb popped over my head and said "If I could be there, I could get two Ducky interviews for the price of one!"

So,Ii got my plane ticket and headed down to Florida today. The trip down was pretty uneventful, altho Mother Nature was threatening -- the first tropical storm of the season -- Alberto was possibly turning into a hurricane within the day. Nothings ever easy.

I got to Tampa, and started my drive thru the rain to my Ducky friends house. Got there and met the two of them. Because of the obviously sensitive nature of their Ducky history, I will be referring to them by New Mexico Carolyn and Tampa Bay Geri. (they're going to love their new aliases LOL)

Click the pictures to make them larger
New Mexico Carolyn & James Hannon
James Hannon & Tampa Bay Geri

I wont go too into what we spoke about as I don't want to give too much away right now. But we spoke about many many things. Such as:

  • How the Ducky Boys were really called the Ducky Gang and had a large population of Ducky Girls involved who were just as feared
  • Their time as Ducky Girls - How they got into (and out of) the gang, their loves, their fights, and their misadventures ranging from hilarious to sad.
  • What happened to many of their Ducky Gang friends afterwards
  • How human the Duckys actually were and how the Wanderers movie misrepresented who the Ducky's were and made them seem like they were monsters when they were just regular kids.
  • How the Wanderers movie nailed a few key Ducky events,
  • How they hate when I refer to them as "stunted Irish madman" (a phrase coined in Richard Price's book "the Wanderers") - Here's a nice piece of Ducky trivia -- They weren't all short, they weren't all Irish, and they weren't all men. Now maybe they will stop threatening me when I use that phrase LOL

Overall these two interviews were excellent - Not only did I get some GREAT stories and a much better insight into the Ducky Gang, but I finally got to meet these two friends who I had been e-talking to for a while and found them to be even cooler in person (and I had pretty high esteem for them prior to this). I even managed to get out of Florida without being smacked around for using the "Stunted Irish Madmen" phrase one too many times.. And believe me that was no small feat! :)

I tease them (a lot), but they are both really classy ladies who have been tremendously helpful in my documentary and I wouldn't have anywhere near the great Ducky stories and footage that I have now without their help. So a public thank you to Carolyn & Geri for all your help with this stuff and for giving me some great interviews! And for being good friends!

2560 US Hway 22, PMB 156
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

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