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Gangs of the Bronx - Biographies

These pages are a work in progress, so feel free to e-mail me at with any additions or corrections. If I don't credit you for something you gave me, feel free to e-mail me and tell me - I probably didn't credit because I wasn't sure if you wanted to be publicly credited... I really do appreciate everyone who has given me info and will gladly give credit!


The Fordham Baldies are another Bronx gang that are mythical in nature... Many people have heard of them, but not many have actually seen members of the Baldies. I have heard numerous stories from people of high schools being closed due to an "incoming invasion" of the Fordham Baldies. These invasions never happened, and always surprised the actual members of the Baldies when they heard about it.

The Fordham Baldies were indeed very real, albeit secretive gang from the mid-1950's that centered around the Little Italy section of the Bronx (East 187th Street, Belmont Ave, Arthur Ave area). I have spoken to a few ex-members and friends of the Baldies, and heard some great stories.

One of the biggest surprises to me is that the Fordham Baldies were not actually bald, but took their name from the Bald Eagle. There is a story that the Fordham Baldies took their name from Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, but that remains to be verified. What is verified is that most of the teenagers who were in the Baldies had no idea who Giuseppe Garibaldi was.

The Fordham Baldies were a very organized gang with a hierachy that could make many organizations envious. There was a main core of leaders that were so secretive that the regular members never knew. But surprisingly quickly, they could get all their members together for a fight.

One news-worthy fight was in June 1954 with the Harlem Red Wings, where after a fight at Orchard Beach, a car-full of Red Wings shot up three members and associates of the Fordham Baldies in front of Piggy's Candy Store on East 187th Street and Belmont Ave in the Bronx.

The "usual" way of getting into the Fordham Baldies was going into the Fordham Daggers - the 14-15 year old group. The Daggers were definitely a more dangerous group to outsiders in that they were always looking to prove themselves "tough enough" to get into the Baldies. Many innocent kids were bruised and sacrificed in order to get a Dagger into the Baldies. In fact, the initiation into the Daggers was a few days of a "pledge" being sucker-punched by the members of the Daggers.

Dion DiMucci's book "The Wanderer - Dion's Story" mentions Dion's own initiation into the Fordham Daggers which included getting punched in the stomach by everyone in the gang, and then spending an hour hanging from the ladder in a sewer.

Dion's membership in the Fordham Baldies and Daggers has been questioned by quite a few people I've spoken to. I haven't spoken to Dion, nor have I any evidence either way, so I can't agree or disagree if he was a member or not.

Once a teenager "made his bones" with the Fordham Daggers, then he "graduated" into the Fordham Baldies and usually became more laid back not having to prove himself all the time. But he was always at the ready to take care of any Baldies business...

One of the more interesting Fordham Baldies stories is after the Wanderers movie came out in 1979. A few ex-members of the gang stormed into director Philip Kaufmann's office and complained about their portrayal in the movie. In the director's commentary on the Wanderers DVD, Kaufmann said that the Baldies complained that they weren't criminals and said (paraphrasing) "Sure we beat people up, but there was no crime!"

Their statement makes a lot more sense when you talk to ex-members of the gang. The Fordham Baldies honestly believed that they, and not the police were the true protectors of the people of the neighborhood... If you were from the neighborhood, you felt safe walking down the street. But if you were an outsider looking to make trouble, you better watch out.


For another great site with many Bronx (and other borough) gangs of the 50's and 60s, check out the New York Stone Greasers website... It has lots of details on many more gangs.

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